Recommended Tipping in the United States


  • Shuttle Driver: $2 to $3
  • Bellman: $1 to $2 per bag
  • Valet: $2 to $5 (If inclement weather, tip towards the higher end.)
  • Room Service: If a gratuity is not automatically included on the bill, then 15% to 20%.
  • Housekeeping: $2 to $4 per night
  • Concierge: This varies depending on how much service you receive.  If receiving just quick directions then a simple ‘thank you’ is sufficient.  If he/she is helping you book reservations, order tickets, etc. then the customary range is $5 to $20.

15% to 20% of your bill, excluding sales tax.
Most restaurants will automatically charge a set gratuity when dining with a large group.


  • Taxis: 10% -20% of your fare
  • Uber/Lyft:  10% – 20% of your fare

$10 – $13 per passenger per day
The recommended gratuity amount varies among the various cruise lines.  This amount typically covers your room steward and main dining staff.
Gratuities are usually automatically added to your bill when ordering beverages poolside or in the lounges.  Check with your travel advisor for specific gratuity recommendations for the specific cruise line you are traveling on.
Most cruise lines will allow you to pre-pay gratuities in advance.  Ask your travel advisor for more details.

Gratuities are typically included in your package price. Additional gratuity can be given at the guest’s discretion.

Gratuities vary from country to country.  When booking an international trip, ask your travel advisor for the recommend gratuity guidelines for the country you are traveling to.

In addition to leaving a gratuity, if you receive exceptional service, be sure to let the service provider as well as management know.  Most times they only hear complaints and it is very rewarding to get a compliment when the service provider does a great job


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